Dark Souls 3 [PvP] The Berserker

Berserk Movie OST - Aria - Full
Berserk Musou OST - Berserker Armor Guts Theme
  • Waldzwölf

    That ending! Inception! :D

  • Adam Barker

    epic work man, really shows off some great skill and kills. I have yet to do a hornet ring swap in battle, I have just never tried it. How well has it fared for you?

  • SkyDragonFight

    Wow that's some quality content, you got a new sub :)

  • voices0000 quiet

    On one of your earlier videos I said it looked like DS3 videos were moving towards samey montages of ringswap ripostes.Man did you ever prove me wrong. This and Enmity are my favourite Dark Souls 3 PvP videos to date.Your channel is criminally underexposed.

  • The Real Drunkard Hu

    Really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adam Barker

    that plunge to knockoff was so fucking sick my lord.

  • Skidonic

    "I'm the Berserker" "Whut do u do?" "I hit buttons, but like... really hard"

  • hyperham51197

    As impressive as this is, I will only be TRULY impressed once I see a montage of you taking down ganksquads at level 300+, where all the really cheap players make it difficult to invade

  • The_Keyblade_ Master

    you used the clip I helped you with that's great lol I liked the ending for obvious reasons

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