Dark Souls Berserk References | Side-by-side Comparison of Berserk Inspirations in Dark Souls

A compilation of Berserk references in Dark Souls!
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Whats Berserk?: http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berserk_manga

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  • That Guy

    I doubt all of these are references

  • Lothric Knight Sword

    There is the Greatsword in DS3.

  • Alexander Nance

    Music is not very good

  • KarasuMC

    Nigga thats beautiful shit.

  • Fondlemore

    Berserk is known for stealing shit. Nothing new.

  • Digital_Static

    Artorias is better than gutsFLAMEWAR

  • First Wolf

    Another fun fact Griffith and Gwyndolin are both of Welsh origin, Griffith meaning "Cheif" or "Lord" and Gwyndolin meaning "White" or "Fair" depending on various translations.

  • mitoinsane13


  • Ken Thomas

    Oh god, Such a depressing world! Who would want to live here? Who Can live here? Such monstrosities. Can anyone even survive in a place like this? I don't even what to say anymore...

  • Rovsyl Reichvien

    You could've made the song a bit more louder

  • burn1none

    nice video, only thing was I thought that Seath has been in the game series Kings Field before Berserk was printed but I could be wrong

  • The Reborn

    From Software should do a Berserk game

  • Pagan Frost

    Some of these were stupid like Griffiths stance it's just a common stance not unique to him.

  • Mokona127

    "What the hell...""Jerk..."The video was great and all, but now I really need to know what the bonewheel skeletons complain about!

  • D F

    Can we please just let Hidetaka Miyazaki make a Berserk game already? That's all I really want in life.

  • Alsmamfkm

    "Griffith's stance" What with it? Typical stance in fencing, for thrusting weapons. Completely fine for balder knight, not necessarily for Griffith ;) Also hydra. Really? I guess ancient greeks also ripped off Berserk. Same for demons, impaled corpses, etc. Some 'references' are so off you can argue these designs are completely different. The dragonslayer greatbow one - two big bows, what with it? They don't even look remotely similar to each other.

  • Andrew Heard

    To be honest I always thought Raksas was the inspiration behind Pinwheel.

  • CubeNewb


  • ethan oneil

    Music sounds like is being played by autistic children and Down syndrome recorder players

  • Steinbird

    1:25 Okey sorry. I agree with some of them, but the Dragon is like "come on, that's like how every Dragon looks"

  • Jacob Ray Helsing

    No wonder Gwyndolin piss me off.

  • Calila PloyPloy

    In terms of armor and weapons both berserk and darksouls are based on medieval warfare so i don't think either of them are based on the other.....Hidras, minotaurs, goat demos etc are comon in various mitologies so, same point..But i have to admit that the balder armor is really similar, even in terms of color.

  • ddon47

    What's with the shitty music

  • Lucas V

    I think there is some Berserk references in Demon's Souls and Dragons Dogma as well.

  • DogRhino the Moose

    None of them are intended references... your drawing lines between shit, dude.

  • filekop

    fucki saw some berserk clips before i watched it, my first thought was like "wow, this looks like Dark Souls the anime" i was quite right lmao

  • Nate blair

    Bazuso's armor looks almost exactly like the executioner armor from ds3

  • Russian Loli

    The Beserk Hydra is alot more terrifying.

  • RouRou

    I see literally 3 similarities. Rest is just genre cliches or just not original ideas from neither of these serials.

  • Luke R Bridgeman

    There's something about this video's low quality and odd, repetitive music that always puts me on edge

  • Sebastian Reyes

    Thanks to this video I found out about berserk <3 Ily Gidrah

  • Gabriel McAdams

    Some are a little out there

  • puhfrugherter

    A lot of these are good, but many of them are just reaching. Hydras, dragon-guarded towers, goat and bull-headed demons are all common in fantasy works.

  • say whhhuuut

    Seath was actually inspired from a dragon of the same name from a different game, I think it was Seath the White Dragon or something.

  • SanicDaHergedog

    I loved the video although a few comparisons aren't very good. Like two big bows, or two big sets of armor, or a slim set of armor... yeah forget the other details. Then the two boss-demon comparisons... those aren't inspired at all, both of them are traditional ways to depict a demon. Then there's stuff like a dragon on a castle or hydras which are very non-specific. But still useful for seeing the comparisons between the two.

  • Fiery leech

    Miyazaki was inspired by berserk as he said in an interview.

  • Gidrah


  • Undead Warrior

    Actually in DarkSouls 3 Bazuso's armor is legit in the game named the executioner armor or something... it's the guy who doesn't speak's armor... yes I forgot his name sorry

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