Dark Souls Berserk References | Side-by-side Comparison of Berserk Inspirations in Dark Souls

A compilation of Berserk references in Dark Souls!
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Whats Berserk?: http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berserk_manga

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  • Regular Cat

    None of them are intended references... your drawing lines between shit, dude.

  • Steinbird

    1:25 Okey sorry. I agree with some of them, but the Dragon is like "come on, that's like how every Dragon looks"

  • Gidrah


  • Ridley On Steroids

    God, some of these are so far fucking fetched. The hydra? Seriously? That is such a popular mythological monster. Seath being a Grunbelt refference, since seaths existance i believe predates that of Grunbelt. Even so, the designs are so remarkbly not even slightly similar that i just wonder how the fuck did you even come across it?The "griffith stance" is just a bog-standard rapier stance, and the balder soldier is using a rapier, although Griffith uses a slightly more curved sword and not exactly a rapier. Gwyndolin and Griffith can't be farther away. Gwyndolin was raised as a daughter because of his affinity with the moon, and was also raised by royalty, being Gwyns last born and all. Gwyndolin never had any authority over his fate, he was never seen as anything more than a nuisance and as Dark Souls one rolls around all he is doing is maintaining and illusion over Anor Londo, just so he can prove to his dad that he is useful, being by his grave until the very end. Also, he has fucking tentacles and is also a supreme ladyboy. Griffith on the other hand, elegant as he may be, was never raised in to loyalty, quite the contrary, he had to work hard to earn his keep, being forced once to sleep with an old perverted royalty guy, can't remember his name. He is, contrary to gwyndolin, seen as a charismatic leader who is able to build the band of the hawk and make it a viable mercanary army. Either way, Gwyndolin and Griffith can't be farther apart, even design wise.

  • AzRaeL

    2:05 you should have used the crystal lizards silly.

  • tinycatmakfat

    i think the giant crystal lizards are more like Grunbeld

  • Pixelface

    you forgot the greatswords CLANG

  • Alexander Nance

    Music is not very good

  • filekop

    fucki saw some berserk clips before i watched it, my first thought was like "wow, this looks like Dark Souls the anime" i was quite right lmao

  • linkkicksu

    A lot of these are good, but many of them are just reaching. Hydras, dragon-guarded towers, goat and bull-headed demons are all common in fantasy works.

  • Jacob Ray Helsing

    No wonder Gwyndolin piss me off.

  • Nate blair

    Bazuso's armor looks almost exactly like the executioner armor from ds3

  • Tr4il

    0:22 Pointy wizard hats and black robes are a massive thing in fantasy0:37 thats a fucking rapier0:44 Trope1:00 They dont even look alike, Not in the slightest and besides It's not like buzaso's armor is an original design, Looks like those old spanish knights who carried guns n shit1:12 The breserk hat has a feather on it and is much wider, Not to mention the pharis hat is literally worn by a guy with silver knight armor and a dragonslayer bow1:22 minotaur..1:26 That's a dragon guarding a castle this is a gigantic fantasy trope...Not even only fantasy tbh, Also both dragons dont even look alike and the hellkite just happened to land on that tower.1:34They don't even look alike, The capra demon looks like some big giant black guy called Jerome who happens to be a satanist, And the goat thing just looks like satan tbh1:47 That's a hydra.2:04 They dont even look alike remotely2:12 wutAs you can see I didnt comment on all the pictures because they are valid but still alot of these are just pushing it.

  • Andrew Heard

    To be honest I always thought Raksas was the inspiration behind Pinwheel.

  • Rovsyl Reichvien

    You could've made the song a bit more louder

  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l

    I love berserk but i bet most of us read it on the internet.If Miura Kentaro had a donate button id be all over it.

  • Fiery leech

    Miyazaki was inspired by berserk as he said in an interview.

  • Mokona127

    "What the hell...""Jerk..."The video was great and all, but now I really need to know what the bonewheel skeletons complain about!

  • Digital_Static

    Artorias is better than gutsFLAMEWAR

  • SanicDaHergedog

    I loved the video although a few comparisons aren't very good. Like two big bows, or two big sets of armor, or a slim set of armor... yeah forget the other details. Then the two boss-demon comparisons... those aren't inspired at all, both of them are traditional ways to depict a demon. Then there's stuff like a dragon on a castle or hydras which are very non-specific. But still useful for seeing the comparisons between the two.

  • Luke R Bridgeman

    There's something about this video's low quality and odd, repetitive music that always puts me on edge

  • Sebastian Reyes

    Thanks to this video I found out about berserk <3 Ily Gidrah

  • ethan oneil

    Music sounds like is being played by autistic children and Down syndrome recorder players

  • Ken Thomas

    Oh god, Such a depressing world! Who would want to live here? Who Can live here? Such monstrosities. Can anyone even survive in a place like this? I don't even what to say anymore...

  • Calila PloyPloy

    In terms of armor and weapons both berserk and darksouls are based on medieval warfare so i don't think either of them are based on the other.....Hidras, minotaurs, goat demos etc are comon in various mitologies so, same point..But i have to admit that the balder armor is really similar, even in terms of color.

  • burn1none

    nice video, only thing was I thought that Seath has been in the game series Kings Field before Berserk was printed but I could be wrong

  • Black Dominance

    From Software should do a Berserk game

  • Ri

    Спасибо - Это исключительно. Thank you, exceptionally. х2

  • Slightly Down Humanoid Cat

    Griffiths stance? Bit of a stretch.

  • say whhhuuut

    Seath was actually inspired from a dragon of the same name from a different game, I think it was Seath the White Dragon or something.

  • Charles Stiles

    There is the Greatsword in DS3.

  • Fondlemore

    Berserk is known for stealing shit. Nothing new.

  • ddon47

    What's with the shitty music

  • Lucas V

    I think there is some Berserk references in Demon's Souls and Dragons Dogma as well.

  • Aaron Mayo

    Another fun fact Griffith and Gwyndolin are both of Welsh origin, Griffith meaning "Cheif" or "Lord" and Gwyndolin meaning "White" or "Fair" depending on various translations.

  • mitoinsane13


  • TheVengefulTortoise

    Can anyone tell me the name of the piece of music used in this video? It's such an unusual composition: intense syncopations, extremely moody atmosphere... and yet it's all played by a harp (woodwind in the background notwithstanding). Quite a cool piece.

  • Undead Warrior

    Actually in DarkSouls 3 Bazuso's armor is legit in the game named the executioner armor or something... it's the guy who doesn't speak's armor... yes I forgot his name sorry

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