Dark Souls III - Guts Build "Berserk"

Just a simple cosplay for one of my fav characters of all time. Thanks to my buddy Elk for the rings and to Stryke(r) for the idea of using the Ring of Steel Protection, as it was a noticeable help.

Here are the face and body presets (hair 5, and brow 3 by the way)
  • Johnny Blast

    R1.... R1... R1... parry bait... R1...great video. Thank you.I've seen so many Guts Cosplays that just parry bait and lag xD it's so satisfying to play a better version of GUTS in DS3 and slam through them


    is a good 1 mani also did a long clip of Guts tribute call the Black swordsman tribute in DS3you may like italso currently uploading a long play series on both DS 2 sotfs and DS3well in case you ever feel interested?just subbed amigofucking adore BERSERK so much that hurts my Demon Dark soul

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