What is wrong with you, Gabe? Stop teasing us and release HL3 right now.

• Music
- Inception Theme
- Artifact Trailer Music
- Uno Launch Trailer Music (2016)
  • jaymella thomas

    Can't wait to use Keemstar in Artifact.

  • Al Mostacciuolo

    man i really liked the fat jokes and half life 3 confirmed soooooorip half life jokes

  • FireBolt

    i can't wait till valve makes KNACK 2 BABBYYY

  • HackPlack

    It is a triangle, illuminati confirmed

  • Someone idk

    there's actually one more clue that they are teasing usthe 3 triangles in the artifact logo have different coloursgreen,red and bluegreen: Opposing forceBlue: Blue shiftRed:Half life: Decayand when they form together,they have a dark yellowish colour,wich stands for GordonHalf leaf 3 confirmed

  • Theta Utarefson

    no...no.....no that.......that can't be true......but....its true, those do look like the lambda sign!is....is it possible that....this was all some big hype......was the 'directors leaving' a possible cover........is artifact.......just a disguise?PLEASE BE TRUE! I AM BEING SERIOUS! PLEASE BE TRUE! I DON'T WANNA LET GO!

  • gamin tacoos

    hey bitch give me likes >:)

  • MegaGamerCZ

    hype meter on artifact: 1%hype meter on half life 3: hype meter was destroyed

  • Sneak Peaks

    is this true or fake? tell me

  • Joseph Santiano

    Can you imagine? One day, at a conference, they said to the crowd, "So, we have had a few updates to Artifact, along with it being ported to Source 2. We also have made broken another big wall in the making of Source 2....................We can now count to 3."

  • Muhammad Ilham

    ClickbaitValve never do this

  • Hüseyin Cem BİLEN

    I want to punch Gabe in the face so hard.

  • OwlsAreKewl

    im taking this serioudly

  • Chronologic Games

    here's how to be the best game developer at E3announce Half-Life 3announce Portal 3announce Elder scrolls 6announce anything that people have been waiting for a long time.

  • Andre ProGamerXD

    https://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/696646-half-life-3 true

  • Xavier Paterson


  • TheFatFellow

    In the logo for artifact three lambdas can be seen

  • Fausto

    Oh my god....It all makes sense now...

  • Reap Van Edgelord

    If this isn't true I'm moving to consoles

  • Bilinçsiz Adam

    i want to believe pls

  • mc bad robot voice

    Half life 2 episode 3The board game

  • Captain Beckett

    I bet L4D3 will be a card trading game

  • KONO DIO DAAA!!!!!!

    You know its a meme that died but im a big fan of half life and this video just put a tear in my eye that thinking the half life 3 script is done and we'll get it probably in 2-3 years if its man power dosnt go to 3 again

  • lla uoy llik lliw i !

    first the 3 "y"in the logo then i found out, that "the dota card game" has three "A's" where you can get a y too if u took a / away

  • Metal Boss

    Is Valve pulling a Kojima-esqe trikery on us. is Half-Life 3 real ?? λ λλ I wouldn't be mad if it was a good surprise.

  • Rex Gamer

    It's suck game !! My brain wan to go out my head :0

  • Calob .Urquidi

    This is still going???

  • Andre ProGamerXD

    HALF-LIFE 3 is now officially dead not FINALLY CONFIRMED!

  • LeNaumDaGreat

    How to clickbait 101

  • ZED

    I just know there's gonna be an "Artifact 2"

  • Agent Koaler

    also the artifact logo has three triangles on the outside so HALF-LIFE 3, PORTAL 3 AND TEAM FORTRESS 3 CONFIRMED

  • Bob The Noob

    half life 3 confirmed....

  • Naizuri

    Imagine for a moment that Artifact is actually the way they decided to announce Half Life 3. Or even better, Artifact is actually Half Life 3 and when you download it you find out that you downloaded Half Life 3.

  • Simon Jiha

    imagination if this was right

  • TNTMadnessGaming

    I'm just telling though but we should wait till it releases because there is a 50/50% chances of it is Half Life and Artifact , I am trying to be fair but don't just make it a rumour around the world and start a fight through the media, just maybe...hope maybe it will come out before artifact because we had 4 months left before the end of the year and also ( well if you guys cared about) they made theories about FNAF SL 2 will come out so soon , Scott made an update through his website and there is a weird picture of Freddy .

  • Ankzep

    Como me agrada ese loquendo gringo

  • LolwutLol2000

    But the lambda is mirrored

  • AntarianSPACE

    Wheres our Team Fortress 3 when we need it?

  • Lesvinx

    Dont believe this fagggggot

  • RajteR


  • mothafuger

    Honestly, out of all the funny hl3 confirmed memes, this was the most believable.

  • Opisek

    Imagine that after artifact trailer half life 3 logo flashes on the screen... Gabe make that happen at the next conference!

  • Blackvenom

    Valve was just messing with us its half life 3

  • Trollface Nation

    When you rage against artifact but you check the games files and see Alex and Gordan Freeman next to a 3 and 2019

  • Mr.RADical

    is this how you get your sick kicks

  • Ray The Pizza Guy

    Where's Ricochet 2?

  • Astro Lord

    Holy shit, great theory!

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